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SINA Agri Food

SINA Agri Food . for Food Industries & Agriculture Investment S.A.E. was established on 1980 and The company had turned from individual to Egyptian contribution company and had become one of the international companies in olive production and olive oil quantity & quality .

From this changing our company had the ability to open new markets and it had etended a noticeable expansion in increasing investment to be one of the largest companies in olive production locally and internaational .

With the increasing in needs and demands of the various clients and markets all over the world , Our Company had participated with the countries that product olive which consider the greatest in olive production all over the world , as the company worked in increasing its production and its clear expansion in this field .

We have the latest technological and mechanical ways in our factories in Sina Governorate , also we have big farms for olive production which are located in Sinai and they placed the latest ways in olive cultivation globally .


We follow the latest technology in manufacturing olives in the world and these technology is in using Spanish Way for Green Olive & California Way for Black Olive.We can control in the quality of the products and its mobilization and packaging that enable us from competing locally and globally .

We export for all Arab countries also the African Countries , we also cover the European markets with our products such



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